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Should you do a pre-listing inspection?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

A typical inspection of a detached house usually costs around $400 - $500 and will take around 2 or 3 hours to complete. With the current crazy market, many sellers think that they have little incentives to provide prospective buyers with a pre-listing inspection. After all, houses are still selling like hot cakes even with minimal staging and without inspection reports! But the truth is, getting a pre-listing inspection done will help you, the seller, in many ways:

  • You know the current state of the property - this will help eliminate any doubts you may have about potential problems and will definitely help your realtor valuate the house better.

  • You give prospective buyers confidence to submit a clean offer - with a detailed inspection report already in place, folks will be much more likely to not include an inspection condition if there are no major issues with the house.

  • Avoid potential legal issues - if buyers have grounds to believe that you intentionally try to hide major defects (even if you genuinely have no ideas about them), that can lead to messy litigation post closing.

The downside to this is obviously you will have to fix or disclose any major defects that came up during the inspection. Those repairs may be expensive and will likely give the property a slight stigma in the eyes of prospective buyers. But trust me, in those cases it's always best to have those issues resolved prior to an offer being accepted. Things could get very nasty if they are discovered after closing.

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